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The Abundance of Opportunities

Opportunities are all around us every day.  Businesses, large or small, were not created by God in the garden of Eden, and just existed here as they are now, ever since.  Each one of them has a life; a beginning and an end.  Yes, even the big ones.  And they all started by somebody having an idea and thinking about the numbers and working it, to make a go of it.

It is very common for people to try many things.  Many famous people tried many things which did not work out, before they tried something that worked, and they became famous for the things that worked, not thought of as a failure for the things that didn’t work.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to keep scheming; keep thinking; give it a try.  Find someone, or a small group, to work together with.  If it doesn’t work out, you learn and try again, and have new stories to tell.

But don’t be stupid.  Don’t throw your whole life’s savings into something.  Do the numbers.  Be smart; be optimistic, but smart, all along the way.  Keep your options open.  Options are a good thing.  Be flexible; don’t define yourself too tightly into one business or trade.  Try to have multiple streams of income, from very different sources.  You might call this a “robust” set of income sources.  Be conservative with your money.  Spend money on things which will grow in value.  Cars don’t.  Boats don’t.  You get what I mean.  Creating is infinitely more fun that consuming.

Every day is a new opportunity to smile about all you learned yesterday, and to start again looking at the world and seeing what others do not see.  That’s what entrepreneurs do.

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