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Tactical Innovation Problems

The problems with new ideas usually require some level of inventiveness to solve.  That is because they often end up as what we call “physical contradictions”, or PCs.  A PC manifests itself when we want (need) something to different ways.  For example, we might want something stronger but lighter.  We may need something one place for one reason and another place for another reason.  So does this mean there is no solution? Absolutely not!  It means we need an inventive solution.  This type of problem is called a contradiction.  Solving contradictions usually creates patentable intellectual property. TRIZ is a Russian acronym which is generally translated into English as the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.  However, I’ve thought for a while now that a better description is something like, “the theory of how to solve the type of problems inventors face”.  TRIZ is all about solving contradictions.  I’ll write more later about some of the types of contradictions and how to solve