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The Biggest Factor in Six Sigma Success

… is leadership.  Not how statistically impressive Blackbelts are.  Not how many projects we can come up with.  Not how fast we can design a central composite DOE with full axial values and extra center points and replications (just flashing my union card a little).  It’s all about leadership engagement.

The fact is, many leaders don’t know what to do, or what they can ask for.  Six Sigma is a tool.  Tools are for leverage.  One of the first tools was the lever.  It gave leverage, or what we call mechanical advantage.  The tools of knowledge workers are to give us mental leverage in solving problems.

One of the best things a leader can do is to meet with some experienced Blackbelts and simply ask them how (s)he can help them the most in making breakthrough improvements for the company.  Meet more than once.  Work together.

It’s often not about salary or position.  It’s often about continuous engagement.  And a little recognition of appreciation here and there.